go BIG or go home...

It's the trend that every southern woman should be able to conquer... BIG HAIR! Farrah Faucet made the hair featured on W Magazine's April 2013 cover famous years ago, which in my {southern} opinion will never go out of style. One of her co-stars explained how she used to accomplish this look that so many girls have attempted. He said she flipped her head over, brushed her hair, and tossed it back. Ok, so we don't all have that kind of hair but we can incorporate a few steps into hers...

Use large hot rollers to roll all of your hair
Spray your hair with hair spray while the rollers are still in your hair
Once the rollers have cooled, take them out leaving the curls in tact as much as possible
Flip your head over, brush your hair, and spray with hairspray
Flip your head back over and VOILA!?
Well maybe your hair is perfect at this point... but my hair is naturally curly so the front pieces around my face still usually need to be touched up.
Use a large curling iron and curl pieces away from your face to smooth any frizziness
Brush those pieces just a little to maintain the loose, natural look
Then, more hair spray!

Here is the beautiful blonde that flaunted the look on the cover of W Magazine.

Flip all of your hair to one side to get a totally different look than the traditional off center part shown in the first two shots. I think it portrays more romance and is an easy transition to night by simply changing your part.

Let me know what you think about this style and how your look turns out. Also, we would love to see pictures of your "Farrah" hair {email them to leveesandlace@gmail.com}.


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