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Recently, I was referred to Stitch Fix, an online personal styling service.  I was a bit skeptical at first, I have to admit.  But, after rave reviews from a good friend in Indianola, I decided to give it a try.  I mean let's face it, we have limited options when it comes to shopping trends in the area :)

After signing up, you are asked complete a detailed style profile that includes obvious measures such as height, weight, and clothes sizes, but also items to help the stylist pick the correct clothes for you... such as how you prefer your clothes to fit and how you would describe your personal style {bohemian chic, classic, glamorous, romantic, casual chic, edgy, preppy}.  THEN, it goes on to show you a number of "groupings" of clothes and you are able to reveal if you...Love it!, Like Most, Like Some, Don't like much at all.  The amount of information that you provide goes on {and on}, and I particularly liked that I was able to share a Pinterest board with them so they could understand my style even more!!

Although, I thought all of the style profile questions were great, I still wondered, What if I don't like any of the items they send?  How much money will I lose? and...What price range clothes are they shopping for?

Well, to me, this is the part that convinced me to go through with it...It only costs $20/month.  Then, if you buy something, that $20 goes toward the cost of the item!! So, all you are really committed to is buying one item {or losing the $20 styling fee}.  Also, you are able to fill in your preferred price ranges when submitting your style profile.

It took about 2 weeks for membership to be accepted {there is a wait list},and I received my first box on March 17th!!

The packages is super cute, and it is so exciting to find out what was picked just for you! {No two fixes are alike}

The first thing I saw was Lace! and orange {which I happen to really like for spring-however, I already bought a few orange spring items}

I looked through the clothes that night, but was not able to try them on until later....There are five items in every fix.  Mine included:  Two blouses, a pair of jeans, a dress, and a necklace.  Here are the jeans and the blouse I decided not to keep....

I loved the jeans, however, they did not fit.  I expected this since I usually have a very hard time finding jeans that I like.  I decided not to keep the blouse, just because I was underwhelmed and cost $78.

They also add tags that describe the piece and give you a couple of ideas about how it can be worn.  I think this is a really nice touch!

There was a really pretty orange/pink dress.....

I probably would have kept this item if I did not already have a dress in a similar color.  It was comfortable and very reasonably priced {I think it was $58}

After all of the fun, I decided to only keep one item: Chevron lace back shirt.  At first I did not think I liked this very much, but then I realized it is a very easy shirt to wear.  Sometimes, I get caught up in buying the cutest clothes  I can find and never have just an easy, comfortable shirt to throw on with jeans.  

Another great touch, is that they included a white undershirt with this one {which I happened to need anyway!}

The last step is to go online, and let Stitch Fix know which item(s) you are going to keep...details are outlined very clearly on a label in the box you receive...

When you log on, you are able to leave them notes about each items and tell them why you are or are not keeping the item.

The rest of the pieces are then shipped back the next day in the USPS mail bag with prepaid shipping label {all shipping is free}.  This makes it super easy to just drop off the package at the post office.

This is a super fun and easy thing to do!! and...Who doesn't enjoy trying on clothes at home rather than in a dressing room at a store! 

If you decided to check them out, please use one of the links that is attached to this page or click HERE , so I will get credit for your referral! {$25/person!!!!}

Let me know what you think


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