Vanity {Inspiration}

I have always had a thing for vintage vanities. Here are a few of my favorites:

{via Pinterest}

With these lovlies as my inspiration, I am on a mission to create a functional make up station while maintaining a glamorous, vintage feel. And...

In celebration of our first anniversary, my parents gave me and Carey a piece of furniture that has been in my mother's family for over 100 years.  Her grandfather originally made the piece as a sewing table and over the years it has been handed down, adapted into a desk, and restored as necessary.  I grew up with it in my bedroom, and now it is back in my life!  

Mom picked up the mirror with drawers {on top} at an estate sale.  I do not have much wall space in my bedroom, so I decided to stick it in a corner.  The next step is to decide whether to use the mirror {which would have to be replaced since the current one is antiqued and not clear} or to use a smaller lighted mirror {for functionality}.

More to come...


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