Eight Weeks to Organized: The List

Let's get organized!! We have decided to make a plan and get our messiest areas ORGANIZED.  We are setting out to complete this in the next 8 weeks!!  Please follow along and join us if these troublesome clutter areas apply to your humble abode.



1. Closet(s)
    a. Clean out/store off season clothes
    b. Find a new place for make-up, scarves, and "folded clothes" {notice the hanging shelf jammed behind/between two hanging bars in my closet}
    c. Organize/utilize small closet in bedroom
    d. Use available storage wisely {under bench in bathroom, top of closet}

Closet(s) before

2.  Laundry room
    a. Remove everything from washer/dryer closet; paint, and reorganize with cabinets, bins, or shelves
    b. Stack washer/dryer
    c. Organize broom closet
    d. Designate area for ironing and dry cleaning

Laundry room before


1. Closet(s)
    a. Clean out/store off season clothes in Master Bedroom closet
    b. Organize desk/vanity in Master Bedroom closet
    c. Organize behind door of Guest Bedroom closet to make it usable storage
Master Bedroom Closet before

Desk/Vanity before

Guest Bedroom (behind door) before

2.  Bathroom
    a. Organize master bath drawers with containers to provide more storage and define a place for things
    b. Throw away expired medications and organize under bathroom sink

Bathroom before

If you have some similar situations going on in your house or apartment, follow along with us as we organize, refresh, and streamline all of our STUFF.

Good luck and Enjoy,
Sarah & Nicole

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