Closet: Storing off season items {part 2}

So, here are my before and after's of my closet.  There is not a lot of drastic change, but I did accomplish everything I set out to do.  I started by taking most everything out of the closet and separating the items into those that I wanted to resell/donate, those that needed to be stored for winter, and those that should stay for the summer.  I wanted all of my shoes to have their own "place", so I stored the off season shoes in a container under a bench.  I happen to wear a lot of shoes that could be considered winter for work, so anything I was doubtful about, I kept in the closet. 

{Before}                                                                       {After}

Notice the shelf to the right{above} and the floor {below} are now clear.  Remember, one of our goals is to keep horizontal services clear!

{Before}                                                                   {After}

Prior to this cleanup and cleanout, the top of my closet was merely a place that I put {threw} things when there was no where else to put them.  Another problem I had, was the large amount of tshirts that were taking up a lot of drawer space.  The basket is something I have had for a while that was not really being used for anything.  It now houses by bathing suits and coverups!

{Before}                                               {After}

The last area was this smaller {detached} closet that was previously a place for cocktail/nicer dresses that I didn't want to get tangled up in my other clothes and place to quickly hang dry cleaning {instead of putting it away like I should}.  Now it is the perfect place for t shirts....I moved the hanging shelf from the other closet because it didn't really fit there anyway.  Jackets hang on the left and cocktail/nicer dresses on the right!

Lastly, I found a perfect tote to lay my dry cleaning in for the bottom of this closet, and it has handles so I can just scoop it up and take it to the car when I need to go to the cleaners.

{Before}                                                                      {After}

And....I found this old shower curtain rod and some hooks that served as a great way to store my purses so that I can see them and they keep their proper shape.

Like I said before, I didn't have too terrible of a mess when I started, but I can say that it is much easier to get dressed now with everything tidy and visible!  

One tip that I learned through the process is to use what you have to divide areas.  Notice I used a beach bag next to my bathing suits {handy}.  Or, use pretty shoe boxes to serve as the perfect bin to hold smaller items that get messy easily {see the DVF magenta one-my tights are in there!}

I hope I have inspired you to tidy up!! Good Luck....


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