Eight weeks to organized... Bathroom {part 1}

Since I have been sick with a sinus infection and ear infections, organizing my bathroom drawers seemed like a good task--I could sit in bed and bring the drawers to me. I had a long ways to go as the "before" picture below show....

I decided to take this project one drawer at a time and start with DIY cereal box drawer dividers inspired from a post on iHeart Organizing {one of my favorite blogs} that I had been dying to try. You can find her original post here. I should tell you now that this took me longer than I expected, but I did not have to spend any money which is always a huge positive. I started out by gathering boxes that I had been collecting for this particular project.

Then, I began fitting the boxes together in the drawer that I wanted to organize. Keep in mind that my boxes did not magically fit in the drawer like this the first time. I actually tried several different options {while watching tv} until I decided to stick with one. The cereal box was not in my original pile of boxes to choose from. I swiped that from the pantry when I realized I needed a few more options. So just keep trying until they fit together--think of this part as a puzzle.  

Next, I traced around the outside edge with a marker. There are several ways you could accomplish this step. Measuring would work just as well, but at the time this seemed easier to me.

Then, I cut the boxes to be flush {or as close as possible} with the top of the drawer. This step takes some time.

Next, I used scrapbook paper that I had from a previous project to cover the boxes. I measured the paper and made the creases before using glue and tape to secure the paper in place. At the beginning, I was completely covering the boxes inside and out. Then, I decided that it was most important to line the insides and not worry as much about the outside since that would not be showing. Any pretty paper would work for this step. Maybe you have wrapping paper or large decorative sheets of paper that are sold at craft and art stores. It probably would have been easier if I had used wider paper for this step, but I was trying to use items I had on hand in order to keep the cost down.

After lots of measuring, cutting, gluing, and taping, I finally finished covering all of my boxes and here is how my organizers turned out.

Next, I wanted to make the other drawers as pretty but did not need all of the different sections. Rather than buying contact paper to line the drawers, I used scrapbook paper from the same book that I used to line the boxes. I matched up the pieces and taped it down to prevent it from sliding around.

Because I had created so much organized space in my top drawer, it opened up the space in the drawers below. Now the drawers look like this... Some of the items in the very back are not easily accessible, but those are items that I do not use regularly.

When I was cleaning out my drawers, I realized there were lots of product samples without a "home". For now, I threw them all into one of my spare baskets that came from the dollar store years ago. I am planning on putting the basket in our second bathroom for guests. I will probably add to this over time in order to make it a more complete selection. Currently, there are different types of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, mouth wash, and tooth paste. As well as being great for guests, these are all great sized products for travel, and any time I need something for a trip, I will know exactly where to find it.

Low budget organization may take more time {and patience while accomplishing it} but it was great to finish part 1 of my project still not having spent $1. Do you repurpose items in order to help with organization? I would love to hear about some of your ideas and projects.

Happy spring cleaning!


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  1. You have no idea how much this post made my heart glow with happiness! :) Thank you so much for sharing and congrats on a super organized drawers! Love them!