Still here.....{a catch up post}

So....we have not been very active on the blog in a little while.  However, we have had quite a lot of fun activities going on in life.  Here is a little bit on the happenings in our lives over the past couple of months (working out way backwards....)

One of our closest family friends (and Nicole's best friend) got married on June 22nd!! It was a very fun weekend for our family since we were actually all present!!

We both went to the bridesmaids luncheon, and Mom maid everyone monogrammed button ups to wear during the "getting ready" process. They turned out great! And, we had fun doing everyone's hair....

Here are a few (and I mean a few bc we didn't remember to take many) pictures from the reception....

....this is a rare moment to have all three Fontenot siblings together and ready for a picture!

The wedding was beautiful and definitely a fun night for the entire family.  The reception was next door to the Methodist church in Hollandale at the Clarke's home. 

It occurred to us, that if we share EVERYTHING we have done over the past couple of months that could get a little lengthy.  So here are some of the photos from each of us.....

From Sarah....

We had a blast at "MPhA"!!!
Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

....and, the biggest news of all....

Sarah and Carey are expecting their first baby in December!

14 weeks
14 weeks

We can hardly wait to find out the gender in July, followed by a "Women of the family" trip to market in Atlanta {suspected guests include Sarah, Nicole (host), Whitney, Katie, Gayle, Maria, and Kit}.  Let the shopping begin!! {on second already has}

side note: We couldn't be happier that "baby P" or "peanut" will have a big cousin, scheduled to arrive in October! 
Whitney {Carey's sister} at 23 weeks

From Nicole.... 

So many things going on in ATL... summertime fun!

We are so happy to continue blogging! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sarah and Nicole

p.s. We gave up on the organization challenge :( we got a ton done and hope to share it soon, but we didn't want to abandon the blog because we could not stay on track!

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