Sisterly Love

So, here we are!  The glamorous farmer's daughters from Hollandale, MS.  This is one of our finer moments in life on one of our infamous family vacations.  I am not sure of our exact ages (or location), but you can clearly see that we had a keen sense of fashion from the beginning ;-)  We still love our accessories!!!

Over the past 6 months or so my sister and I have discussed starting a blog, and today we have finally done it!  We hope to bring everyone our perspectives on life in the south from topics on our own home projects to those on fashion and our idea of glamour.    

My name is Sarah, and my sister is Nicole.  We grew up "smack dab" in the middle of no where on a farm in the Mississippi Delta.  No, we did not heard cattle or milk the cows every morning, but we did learn to enjoy delta sunsets, sweet tea, and a laid back southern lifestyle that most may never understand.  

I currently live in Indianola, MS and work as a pharmacist, and Nicole is in Atlanta, GA working for a digital marketing company.  We hope that we can provide a very diverse, interesting, and informative place for our readers.


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